Kimberlee Cline

Kimberlee Cline

Phone: (415)390-6225

I am a sensual creature with a deep respect for the curative properties of pleasure. Nobody needs an excuse for just wanting to feel good. Pleasure is your birthright, and I am a purveyor of pleasure in it’s most soothing forms. You will feel rejuvenated and more confident than ever after spending time with me. You deserve to indulge!

Our meal together is an opulent amuse-bouche whetting your palate for the main course to come. I am a hedonist and sensualist through and through. Dining out is one of my most cherished rituals, allowing us to connect with each of our senses-. smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound.

Sitting next to you instead of across. Engaging reparté, gentle brushes of the hand, painted lips curled into laughter between sips of a lush Pinot Noir. Toasting to new experiences. Tasting a touch of life’s true indulgences. Together.

‘It has become a rare occasion to find someone as special as Kimberlee. She has captured my heart and imagination. Almost as great as being with Kimberlee, are the memories I leave with. Beyond the incredible fun is the warmth of her companionship. Melts me away.’ -R

4 hours: $1600
6 hours: $2000


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