Fable Grey

Fable Grey

Contact Phone:  (916)367-3709
Services Offered:  Incall & Outcall

Call whenever u want, I wont answer if I’m sleeping, eating or screwing so leave a message.
I am easy going, laid back but creative and high energy. I believe in karma, luck and good intentions, I also believe in hard work.

I am SUPREMELY independent and fiercely strong and confidant in my work and life. I don’t hang out, I like being home. I would rather be alone than in bad company. I am sensitive, articulate and educated I am also a tomboy, I love to build and explore. I have few friends and the ones I have are everything to me. I don’t play silly games, expect others to have manners and play fair. But above all, I love my dogs. I exercise like a demon to maintain sanity. I do this work because it is what I want to and I believe this is what I was born to do, I work with love, for love and am always in love. I am truly happy.

I am the real deal and I am not ashamed, scared or timid. Strong men love my personality, weak men fear me. I am intimidating but not on purpose. I do business I am proud of, treat others with respect and kindness and expect the same in return. I try every day to live a life I am not ashamed of, as per my PopPop, my Great Granddad. Respect is ALWAYS given, trust is earned.

I enjoy men, all men. Nothing makes me happier than a randy man, unless he’s naked on my bed.
I find variety is key to my happiness. I am 46. I find few men who can keep up with me, I am ready for the challenge. (yes that is a challenge)
I am able in ways that surprise most, I hate asking for help and work as hard as any man or woman I know. I am fun, caring, creative and loyal and one of the most unique woman u will ever meet. My lovers range from 21-80 and yes, they do get better as they get older. I perv on all u boys, one at a time.

For you flaky guys, I will warn you that within 3 days of missing your appointment with me your joint will shrivel up and fall off. (Really)
One hour 300
Two hour 500
Overnight 1500
Out Calls: 100

If we have met, your grandfathered in at old rate.

Please understand I hate 1/2 hours, I hardly get a chance….
If you like me, review me please

I am the wild card, the come from behind(hehehe), the one who will make sure your wildest dreams come to reality, because I can and I wanna.

Location: Sacramento, Ca I-80 Greenback

Category: Escort BDSM

In/Out: Out calls rare and expensive unless I know ya.


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